There are so many factors that go into quotes for commercial jobs.  Each job is as unique as the product being photographed.  While commercial photography isn't my primary focus as a photographer, I do enjoy the occasional change of pace. 

Please email me the following and I will be happy to send back a quote for my services:


1.  Describe the item photographed

2.  Does it need a pure white backdrop or will the item be photographed in it's environment.

3.  Can this be done at my studio or do I need to come to you?

4.  How many items need to be photographed?

5.  Should the items be returned once photographed?

6.  Expected turnaround time for delivery?

7.  Anything you would like to tell me about your product?

8.  Do you have any sample images that you want mimicked or an idea of the type of images you want?

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