Modeling means a lot of things. 

Commercial, print, runway, fitness... 

I am going to say something that most photographers won't tell you.  Are you ready for this?  Listen closely...  You do NOT need professional photos to get signed by a legitimate talent agency.  This is worth repeating.  YOU DO NOT NEED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TO GET SIGNED BY AN AGENCY.  You will eventually need a headshot and you will want to start working on a portfolio but it doesn't have to be your first step.  It breaks my heart to see potentially talented models spin their wheels continuously shooting for free with sleazy photographers who will never get them anywhere while the photographer racks up exploited social media likes.

Now, that being said, walking into a photo shoot with 0 experience in front of a camera is probably not the best idea.  Here is where photographers come into the picture.  There are a LOT of photographers out there just starting out or just plain creepy who will want to take your pictures for cheap or even free.  The industry calls this TFP.  If you are truly serious about modeling I strongly suggest hiring a reputable photographer such as myself to help you get started.  I can offer posing advice, help you find your angles and offer direction to help make your first shoot run smooth. 

Model sessions are $350 (Makeup artist not included)

What you can expect from your session.

* You get your 4 essential images needed for agency submissions. 

* One solid black and white headshot

* 3 "Looks" with various backdrops and lighting to start your portfolio

* A text consultation pre session to see what types of images and concepts you are interested in.


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